CSA has an Independent and Experienced Team of Swine Nutrition Professionals

  • CSA’s swine nutrition and technical team works collaboratively to provide clients with nutrition and technical consultation based on the collective knowledge and experience of the team.
  • CSA swine nutritionists provide clients with independent, objective, and science-based recommendations on feed additives available in the market.
  • CSA’s experienced team can provide clients with tailored professional nutrition services, feed formulas optimized for your production goals, as well as technical production, and management support.
  • CSA dynamic nutrition recommendations include:
    • Designing nutrition programs based on goals
    • Establishing diet and ingredient nutrient specifications
    • Formula optimization and maintenance
    • Ingredient testing and nutrient profile updates
    • On-site and virtual technical services
  • Expert formulation specialists support the CSA nutrition team and our clients
  • Production and milling data mining and analytics
  • Leading market presence and influence

Swine Team