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CSA Animal Nutrition is a nutrition consulting firm. 

CSA provides nutrition solutions & services for meat milk & egg producers, feed manufacturers & nutrition consultants. 

CSA has assembled an industry leading team of nutritionists & specialists to service the market.

CSA has a seasoned management team of experts who have an average of over 20 years experience and possess extensive industry knowledge. CSA provides science based independent recommendations as technology advances, markets change and consolidation occurs across the additives, premix & feed segments. CSA’s independence and flexibility empower it to align with strategic partners to validate and rapidly commercialize new technologies to serve multiple clients & species. 

Core nutrition services offered by CSA include nutrition program design, diet specifications and formula optimization based on customer objectives & goals. CSA provides independent research-based recommendations to help its customers achieve production & financial goals. CSA also helps its clients with sourcing of micro-ingredients and screening, validation, & application of new technologies.

Career Opportunities

Swine Nutritionist - Technical Service 

Lead the technical discussion with customers, prospects and members of CSA account teams so that customized products, feeding programs, analytical tools and services can be developed and implemented to exceed customer goals. Provide unbiased analysis of new ideas, technologies and products, including how best they may (or may not) fit individual customer needs.

Account Manager - Midwest US

This position will focus on leading the sales process to secure new business, coordinating account team activities to sell new accounts and provide service to current CSA customers. The position will primarily focus on developing our swine nutrition business across the midwestern US. The ideal candidate will also be involved in developing business in other species and working with feed manufacturers. It is important to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our prospective and current customers in order to be successful and effective as a CSA Account Manager.

Dairy Nutrition Specialist – Technical Service

Provide technical support to CSA Animal Nutrition customers including regional feed manufacturers, dairy nutrition consultants, and dairy producers by developing nutritional recommendations and formulating rations to meet goals. To do this you will work with nutritionists to further train on dairy nutrition and management, dairy nutrition models (CNCPS and CSA), dairy records programs, and feed management software. As an outcome you can provide unbiased analysis of new ideas, technologies and products, including how they may best fit individual customer needs. 


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