About Us - Three Specie

CSA has a Seasoned Team of Experts

CSA has a seasoned team of experts who have an average of over 20 years of experience and possess extensive industry knowledge. CSA provides science based independent recommendations as technology advances, markets change, and consolidation occurs across the additives, premix, and feed segments. CSA’s independence and flexibility empower it to make recommendations that are in the best interest of our client and aligned with their goals.

Core nutrition services offered by CSA include nutrition program design, diet specifications and formula optimization based on customer objectives and goals. CSA provides independent research-based recommendations to help its clients achieve production and financial goals. CSA also helps its clients with sourcing of micro-ingredients  along with screening,  and application of new technologies.

CSA provides lab support to its clients as part of the nutrition services offered. Understanding the quality, safety and nutrient profile of feed ingredients is critical to providing accurate feed formulations for animals. CSA’s lab services benefit our clients by offering more precise nutrition analysis of the ingredients and feed  fed to the animal.


  • Independent & research-based recommendations
  • Technical & commercial team with significant experience, expertise & knowledge
  • Formulation specialists providing expert, convenient & frequent support
  • Practical, localized ingredient & nutrient knowledge utilizing integrated NIR systems
  • Utilize premix & specialty manufacturing capacity close to customers to reduce freight; interviewed & audited to ensure quality & necessary certifications
  • Research collaboration investments & partner relationships
  • Customer-centric & market focused organization
  • Agile & responsive team with a customer first culture