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CSA Lab Services, Key Capabilities and Areas of Expertise

CSA provides lab services to clients as part of its nutritional offering. Understanding the quality, safety and nutrient profile of feed ingredients is critical to providing accurate feed formulations for animals. CSA’s lab services benefit our clients by offering more frequent and cost-effective nutrient analysis of ingredients to ensure accurate and precise feed formulations are fed to the animal.

  • CSA lab services for our customers help ensure an understanding of the quality and safety of the ingredients being used in feed formulations. Understanding the nutritional profile of feed ingredients benefits our clients by offering more precise feed formulations that are produced to provide the nutrition required by the animal. Understanding the nutrient profile of an ingredient allows for appropriate values being used for purchasing of raw materials and accurate formulation of feeds. In addition to quality and safety standards being established for raw materials, frequent testing of ingredients allows for more accurate valuation of ingredients and feed formulations. In addition to understanding the nutrient profile, optimal particle size of ingredients is important and can improve digestibility, which results in improved feed conversion and subsequent performance of the animal. Therefore, evaluation of particle size of ingredients and complete diets is a key component of an overall feed quality program.

CSA lab services:

  • NIR testing is available for major feed ingredients and edible oils/fats.
  • Mycotoxin testing is available for major feed ingredients.
  • Particle size testing is available for ingredients and complete diets